3.6 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Michael (aka Mayhem) part owner of Mayhems was fed up of buying in dyes that were supposed to be made for water cooling yet would only last a few weeks at best are were never as strong or as good as described. there was no coolant loss, though the the sediment had dropped and the more water was shown at the top of the res. Pastel - Ice White Coolant 1L Mayhems Pastel range of coolants are the worlds No 1 branded Nano Coolant bar none for water cooling enthusiasts. Below is a very simple guide for you to choose the correct coolant for your needs. The range and extent of this coolant are endless without boundaries being put in place. It is the perfect Coolant for anyone using chillier’s in there systems or any sub ambient type of cooling. For normal water cooling systems there simply is no better performing liquid than pure water. Mayhems 0609224350979 Mayhems Pastel - UV White Coolant 1L Similar products rated highly on "Value for money" Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Details about Mayhems Pastel Coolant - 1L - White. Thanks for voting on the coolant guys! Out of stock. Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 + Dye Voltage regulation, sensors & fan controllers. Add to Wish List. Lets get to the science behind the coolant. It has been tested for many years around the world and has gained the ultimate reputation for being the best and the only dye to use. Mayhems Pastel Extreme comes in a non-leaching epoxy protected aluminium bottle. Im an avid gamer so the coolant has certainly had enough time to cycle. It has all the biocides and inhibitors in the liquid and needs nothing extra adding. For instance, Mayhem's Pastel family of liquids are popular among PC builders for vibrant solid colors. Turned out to work good too, I won the facebook High Performance PC Gaming rig of the month for may, got a decent 50 bucks for it. Additive to clean your system for better performance and longer life. Mayhems XT-1 250ml Concentrate Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. 0 out of 5 (0) SKU: MPW1L $ 13.25. No other premixed coolant on this earth even comes close to the looks of this coolant. EK - AF Angled 90° G1/4 - Black is a fully rotatable 90 degrees angle adaptor with thread. Rating: 0%. So before we get into performance temps etc. It comes in many colours to suit the needs of everyone. Mayhems XT-1 when mixed correctly and in the right ratio can go down to a staggering -50 making it the perfect coolant for sub-zero liquid cooling. Condition: New. Mayhems Aurora Wiki. Mayhems Pastel™ Opaque Coolant™ The world’s leading and best selling coolant bar none for water cooling enthusiasts. Im fairly confident in this coolant and im hoping that it has held up! With their unique colour variations and excellent cooling performance, these fluids clearly stand out from the competition. This range of liquid coolants surpasses anything in the market place, with its outstanding colours and cooling power. This new range of liquids surpasses anything in the market place at the moment in time, with its outstanding colors and cooling power. Sale price: $17.95. As explained above you can opt to use Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 to give you the best performing liquid out there but if you would like a colour tint to the water you can simply add Mayhems Dye range to your system. Price: US $29.99. Im about to release some results of running the EK Scarlet red solid cryofuel after running it for 6 months. Out of stock. 98 It is innovative and the leader of its product range.The X1 is based on a proprietary blend of refined vegetable extracts that are fully biodegradable and have a very low order of oral toxicity. For this reason alone if you would like the get the most out of your water cooling system temperature wise opt for this. The nano particles in the coolant are only 40 nm, which makes it possible to pass through all the existing cooling units and pumps with ease. Mayhem X1 ECO Clear Concentrate Watercooling Fluid 250ml CDN$23.71. Mayhems Chameleon (in development) Mayhems Pastel V2 Red Opaque Premixed Coolant 1 Litre . Mayhems Pastel Coolants are a Nano based coolant that have an outstanding reputation not only for looks but also for performance. Mayhem's Pastel coolant contains many different technologies in one product. Mayhems X1 includes all the biocides and inhibitors you will need to protect your water cooling system and doesn’t require the user to add anything extra. Give your liquid cooled PC a unique look with Mayhems Pastel UV White 1Ltr bottle of coolant. Mayhems Pastel Coolant - 1L - White. Hi Guys, So im a little concerned about my coolant just because I have seen some people including JayzTwoCents talking about the coolant being bad and messing up the blocks and also going a weird color, I have the Sunset Yellow Pastel coolant and have had it … Specialty photo work and show system coolants. 0 out of 5 (0) SKU: 0744368363208 ... White. These solutions are ready-to-use and … Double-distilled water - not electrically conductive! Out of stock. Mayhems - Pastel Ice White Coolant Concentrate (250 ml) Item# 72031. Buy Mayhem's Aurora Coolant Concentrate - 250mL Tharsis Red: Water Cooling Systems - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases ... EKWB EK-CryoFuel Solid Premix Coolant, 1000mL, Cloud White 4.1 out of 5 stars 59. However you do need to also consider a few other factors including which biocide you would like to use as without it over time UV rays can penetrate into your system creating the perfect harbour for bacteria and algae to grow. Fluids, Fluids & Additives, Mayhems, Pastel, Water Cooling Mayhems Pastel 1 Ltr Premixed – White. Mayhems Chameleon is a real life thermo active coolant that changes colour depending on the heat with in you loop. Mayhem XT-1 Nuke V2 UV Yellow/Green Concentrate Watercooling Fluid 250ml . Product Description. Mayhems (formally known as Mayhems Dye) started back in early 2009 by total accident. Mayhems XT-1 Is a Low Cost very effective concentrate coolant and can be used to make up to 3 Ltrs of coolant for very little out lay. There is no messing around, you just pour the coolant into your systems and that is it. £5.99 £4.99. Mayhems Pastel Extreme is a concentrated 20 to 40nm Pure White Coolant. LN89465 XSPC EC6 Premix White Opaque Coolant 1 Litre £10.99 LN65614 EK-RES X3 Holder 60mm 2pcs £ 4. Brand: Mayhems : Mayhems Pastel range of coolants have been in development for over two years, with co-operation between Ice Dragon Cooling and Mayhems. Add to cart. Again Mayhems is taking the coolant book and throwing it out the window. The Mayhems name is known well enough for partners such as Swiftech to advertise that their products are used, as in their H20 series of all-in-one coolers that uses Mayhems tubing, comes prefilled with Mayhems coolant and includes Mayhems dyes. Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 Add to Wish List. Add to Compare ... Mayhems Non Stain Coolant Dye - UV Clear Blue 15ml . This range of liquid coolants surpasses anything in the market place, with its outstanding colours and cooling power. And I am here to show you why. Not bad for 2 years! 99 LN73669 Akasa AK-LD05-50RB Asus ROG RGB LED PC Light Strip 50cm £ 9. Rating: 0%. Mayhems Pastel Coolant - 1L - White. Best Offer: Make Offer. Mayhems XT-1 250ml Concentrate Mayhem XT-1 Coolant is a High Efficiency, Non-Toxic, Low Viscosity coolant based on Ethylene Glycol. Mayhems Aurora Coolant Play your favorite games with your communities and friends. Add to Wish List. CAPACITY 1000 ml PASTEL UV WHITE. $38.99. Mayhems Magic NEW! Mayhems XT-1 £10.00 £8.33. Mayhems Pastel is one of the longest lasting coolants out on the market to date and will last over 3 years with no problems ever reported and this actually makes the coolants more economically viable than any other premixed coolant on the market. High performance with or with out colour premixed. When choosing a coolant there are several types you can go for. Regular price: $21.95. If you would like to make your own colour Mayhems X1 is fully compatible with all Mayhems Dyes. All, Built my new loop - and the ran a leak test for a few days - no issues untill day 3 After the 3rd day i thought i had lost fluid, looking at the res it looked half full. Only 5 left in stock. Add 750mls of Purified water to 250ml of concentrate to make 1 Ltr of liquid Sharp bottle in soft plastic, so you can easily and accurately fill and drain your system! Add to Compare. This funky range of liquids surpasses anything on the market with its outstanding colors and cooling power! And believe me, it IS a science. Add to Cart. Mayhems Pastel Coolant Premix UV White 1 Liter Brand: Mayhems. Mayhems Pastel V2 UV White Opaque Premixed Coolant 1 Litre . Mayhem's Advanced Nano Liquid Coolant Water cooling fluid Pastel UV White (white UV active) With corrosion protection Pastel look Can be used for up to 2 years Contents: 1000 ml. This fluid not only stands out from all the other manufacturers of coolants but all so kicks them in the teeth with metal toe capped boots. We do recommend you change your coolant out regularly as over time the coolant will become less effective. Opaque Coolant V2 - White 1000ml. They are already there. Our recommend change out period is every 9 to 12 months. All my fittings were nickel plated brass, full copper radiators (probably brass fittings), full copper/acetal cpu block, and a copper/nickel plated/acetal gpu block. It can be customised to suit the needs of the end user to change though varying colours and combinations. Any user wishing to use Mayhems Aurora should first read our wiki as this goes into more detail about this product. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Rating: 0%. Mayhems Ultra Pure H20 is the ultimate water which has been filtered to such a high level there simply is no better branded Ultra-Pure water on the market. XSPC EC6 High Performance Premix Coolant, Opaque, 1000 mL, White 3.5 out of 5 stars 82. High performance with or with out colour premixed I purchased the coolant pre-mixed from performance-pcs. ... Mayhem Pastel V2 UV White Concentrate Watercooling Fluid 250ml CDN$29.14. Availability: Usually ships the same business day. You the users are in charge of when the colour changes via temperature and what colour it changes to. Mayhems Aurora coolant lays in an untapped market on its own. Mayhems XT-1 Nuke Coolant Concentrate – 250ml. Mayhems dye range is the Number one dye in the water cooling world to use and is recommended by many of the top modders and water cooling builders out there. Anyways, I thought I'd share with this community at how well Mayhems Pastel While held up over the past 2 years. Mayhems Pastel Coolants £14.99 £12.49. Mayhem XT-1 Coolant is a High Efficiency, Non-Toxic, Low Viscosity coolant based on Ethylene Glycol. Within business hours you can expect a response within 24 hours. This range of liquid coolants surpasses anything in the market place, with its outstanding colours and cooling power. We will respond as quickly as we can. Mayhems Pastel is a solid looking coolant that comes in many colours and once again like Mayhems other fluids can be mixed or adjusted to suit your colouring needs using Mayhems Dyes. Not for use in Primochill or Tygon tubing.Make your water They have been developed with co-operation between Ice Dragon Cooling and Mayhems. Add to Wish List. Item Information. However there is a down side this coolant is not for the normal home user and will not last as long as the aforementioned coolants and was never created for such purposes. Put it under an ultraviolet light and watch it glow. This fluid is specifically designed for extended use and has a working life of up to two years. Mayhem's Pastel™ Opaque Coolant™ is the world's most popular and best-selling coolant in the modding and water cooling sector. Mayhems Pastel - Ice White Mayhem’s Pastel range of Nano coolants have been in development for over 2 years now with cooperation between Ice Dragon Cooling and Mayhem’s. The maximum life span for this coolant is 6 months but in some systems may only last 24 hours. Stuff the laws of physics as we are doing it the way we like with no boundaries in place. £10.00 £8.33. in reality my new Mayhems pastel coolant seems to have seperated, and got worse throughout the day. Mayhems X1 Coolants The coolant system has a service life of about two years due to the particular formula that is intended for long term use.

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