3 brothers. 1 mission.
Wayne Watkins
Wayne Watkins, President of Watkins Trucking, has been a dedicated employee since 1975. His first job for Watkins was a part-time mechanic, assisting his grandad working on the trucks. He now leads the company alongside his two brothers.
Vice President Administration and Maintenance
David Watkins
David Watkins, Vice President Administration and Maintenance, began working at Watkins Trucking in 1971 and oversees the Administrative and Maintenance teams. Like his brother, he too worked on trucks with "Pops" before growing into a full time role.
Vice President Operations
Randy Watkins
Randy Watkins, Vice President Operations, has been working with the company since 1971 and oversees company operations. Like his two brothers, he also worked as a mechanic with his grandad when he first started out.
The Team
Reilly Armstrong
Bo Watkins
Steve Belk
Sales - Chattanooga Office
Rick Davis
Kati Pearce
Carol Alston
Accounts Receivable
Rose D'Ambrose
Accounts Payable
Fran Lackey
Heather Darnell
Safety Director
Colleen Whitaker

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Based in Birmingham, Alabama, our company offers long-term careers for skilled truck drivers. At Watkins, we treat you like family.