Founded in 1944, Watkins Trucking is a national leader in flatbed trucking. For over 75 years, our family owned and operated business has been dedicated to providing timely, safe, and experienced service to our customers.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, our company offers long-term careers for skilled truck drivers. At Watkins, we treat you like family.

Late Model Tractors
53ft x 102”
Air Ride Utility Trailers
States Served

We Transport

  • Steel
  • Pipe
  • Aluminum
  • Machinery
  • Brick
  • Lumber

Since 1938, the Alabama Trucking Association has provided a unified voice for trucking operations by supporting favorable laws, rules and regulations and by opposing those that are harmful or detrimental to Alabama trucking.

Watkins Trucking Company is a leader in and supporter of the Alabama Trucking Association. Click here to find out more about the Alabama Trucking Association.

About Watkins Trucking

Watkins Trucking was established in 1944 by Irvin “Pops” Watkins in Decatur, Alabama. Shortly thereafter, we moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and grew to obtain a small fleet of equipment. In 1962, we moved to our current corporate headquarters location. By the late 1980s, the company has transformed into a flatbed-specific operation, in response to the bustling Birmingham steel industry, earning it the nickname the Steel City.

Today, Watkins Trucking remains as one of the oldest and last remaining flatbed trucking companies founded in Birmingham. Under the leadership of Pops’ three grandsons David, Randy, and Wayne, Watkins Trucking has now become one of the leading flatbed trucking haulers in the United States.

Company established in Decatur, Alabama, when Irvin Watkins began growing his business of leasing trucking equipment, and hauling agricultural supplies.
The company had grown their equipment fleet and moved their their headquarters to its present-day location.
Deregulation of trucking industry brought significant changes that allowed for further independence of the trucking business.
Watkins Trucking established its own authority, forging the path for the company to solicit and manage their own customers. The company also began transforming into an all-flatbed trucking service from this point forward.
After Pops’ passing in 1988, the three brothers stepped into senior leadership of the company.
Watkins Trucking celebrates its 75th year of trucking.
Watkins Trucking is a full service flat bed trucking company, continuing the tradition of a family run operation.